10 Ways to Spend Your Time During COVID-19

With the Coronavirus forcing a lockdown in nations across the world, you will probably find yourself confined to your home. If the virus restricts your movement to your house, here are ways you could use your time productively.

Upgrade Your Skills

You can take a certification course that will make you more competent and competitive in the workplace. Various online platforms like Udemy sometimes offer free courses. With time on your hands, take advantage of these opportunities. 

Create Time for Family

Sometimes we work so hard at our jobs at the expense of our families. The lockdown brought about by COVID-19 is time to rekindle the bonds of family. Play games together or help the kids with homework.  Also, work to strengthen the relationship with your spouse This way, you will create memories you can revisit in the future.

Give Time to the Community

Bake cookies for an elderly neighbor or use your local network to reach out to those affected by the disease. You can share information and even resources that will make it easier for your community to face this challenge. Be a volunteer.

Keep a Diary

Write about your experiences during the pandemic. Who knows, your writing could come in handy if you should ever decide to write a book. Those notes could also make for an interesting article in a local magazine.

Grab a Book and Read

Reading will never be an idle pastime. Apart from feeding the intellect, it can help you feel connected to the rest of humanity. Motivational books will also help you refocus on your goals and ambition. Lastly, you could also pick a book for relaxation when you feel bored.

Home Improvement

There are usually a hundred and one minor chores in the house that we do not find time for. If you are skilled with your hands, this is the time to knit that sweater you have always postponed knitting. That dripping tap or damp patch on the wall can get done now that you have time on your hands. Our recent neighbors decided to redo their roof with Willie B from Roofers Boca Raton. it turned out great!

Keep Fit

Boost your fitness level by exercising. You do not need a gym to keep yourself trim. Replace jogging with jumping rope.  Pushups, planks, and other exercises that do not require expensive equipment should form part of your routine. To spice things up, you could also include dance and aerobic exercises into your daily routine.

Start Gardening

If you have a small patch of land, you can supplement your diet with your own freshly grown veggies.  Even a space as small as a balcony can boost your diet significantly. Some people also use gardening as a hobby or for therapy rather than a source of food. You could, therefore, plant flowers or herbs of your choice.

Try Meditation

To keep healthy spiritually, we need meditation and reflection. Yoga and similar techniques help us keep us in control even as we face the crisis brought about by the Coronavirus. Those who belong to religious groups can reach out to fellow adherents for prayers. 

Keeping in Touch

It is crucial to keep in touch with workmates as well as colleagues. Try to find out how they are coping with the lockdown. With support for each other, it becomes easier to win this battle.

There is so much you can do during this pandemic. Use the time to make the most out of it as you pray for the affected. Whatever you do, remember to keep safe.