10 Ways to Spend Your Time During COVID-19

With the Coronavirus forcing a lockdown in nations across the world, you will probably find yourself confined to your home. If the virus restricts your movement to your house, here are ways you could use your time productively. Upgrade Your Skills You can take a certification course that will make you more competent and competitive […]

Top 5 Reasons to Move to North Carolina

North Carolina is often one of the top options for people in the US seeking relocation.  For over 20 years, the growth of North Carolina has been fueled by migration. People often move to North Carolina to study, work or retire.  The period 1990-2010 saw North Carolina gaining over 2 million residents mainly due to […]

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Kids love fun and especially during holidays, and when visiting friends. Without an activity to keep their mind engaged, they will keep nagging the caregiver every now and then.  To avoid all these and ensure they are fully engaged, various outdoor activities got their mind into thinking and as such, have a healthy lifestyle.  Some […]